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Turnaround & Maintenance Support

Planned maintenance activities during turn-around periods typically provide more than enough entertainment for those involved. When inspection findings come back with additional unexpected equipment damage, the workload starts to take off exponentially and timelines start to slip.

By considering the likely or possible damage mechanisms for the equipment being inspected and preparing ahead of time, it is possible to clearly define inspection failure criteria prior to the turn-around and enable the correct decision to be made within the shortest possible timeframe. Examples such as heater tube minimum thickness calculations, Pressure Swing Absorber (PSA) crack tolerance levels and vessel component minimum thickness calculations can save time, cost and schedule during turn-around.

Our emergency services not only include FFS, but also analysis of equipment repair options, including Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) assessments, both for local bulls-eye and band in-situ heat treatment.

At Integrity Engineering Solutions we offer support either during turn-around preparation or during turn-around in order to ensure that the site is adequately prepared to handle inspection findings in the most expeditious manner.

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