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Fabrication Support

Fabrication defects can delay projects and have significant cost implications if replacement or repair cannot be achieved within the project timeline. Fabrication problems with critical path mechanical equipment has the potential to derail an entire project. As sources of equipment manufacture become more diverse, the likelihood of discovering an equipment defect late in the project life-cycle is increased.

In some cases, the defect may not significantly affect the probability of short-term failure and therefore it is possible to perform analysis to demonstrate that it is acceptable to run without repair. This keeps the project on track and allows time to plan for eventual replacement or repair. In other cases, engineering assessment of the problem may significantly reduce the required scope of repair work.

At Integrity Engineering Solutions, we apply advanced analysis and/or FFS techniques, so that equipment fabrication issues can be assessed on a risk basis. This enables a quantitative based decision whether to replace, repair or run.


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