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Welding, Fabrication and Repairs Support

At IES we understand that effective welding solutions can be dynamic and often require a vast array of considerations in order to be safe and reliable. We use our combined mechanical, materials and welding engineering expertise to provide practical, technically sound and customised solutions for our customers. As such, IES can:

  • Develop/review repair procedures for service damaged equipment to ensure compliance with specific materials, corrosion, welding and legislative requirements. 
  • Develop/review welding procedures, welder qualifications, NDE requirements and QA/QC interventions that are compliant with both minimum code requirements and industry best practice for the application.  This service spans from new fabrication to routine maintenance and emergency repairs. 
  • Conduct advanced FFS analysis of fabrication defects/errors i.e., replace, repair or run decision making. IES extend this service to PWHT assessments i.e., bulls eye vs full circumferential band analysis. 
  • Develop, review and audit welding specific quality management systems in accordance with ISO 9001 and AS/NZS ISO 3834. We can develop and implement associated tried and testing repair rate reduction systems for both workshop and turnaround environments. 
  • Fabricate custom NDE mock test samples for procedure development and technician training. This can be integrated with our FFS and inspection engineering services to assist in optimising inspection planning and execution.
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