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Risk-based Inspection (RBI)

IES’s blend of skills and experience across the spectrum of asset integrity management over the asset lifecycle, provides depth of knowledge and practical operational strength to the development, implementation and validation of RBI programs. 
RBI assessments can be conducted at plant, process unit, system or equipment level and/or focussed on a specific damage mechanism (e.g., CUI, Brittle Fracture, etc.). RBI assessments can be conducted at the detailed design stage to identify potential future risks and enable the risks to be eliminated/minimised through the implementation of effective corrosion management and equipment design solutions (e.g., material safeguards, coatings, cathodic protection, inspectable, etc.).
IES can:
  • Develop/review RBI strategies and procedures. 
  • Perform RBI assessments to identify threats and optimise inspection plans and coverage.
  • Manage risks through inspection plans (scope, schedule, and inspection methods), IOWs and/or risk mitigation actions (i.e., repairs/replacement/modifications).
  • Assess the risks associated with the deferral of inspections or testing activities.
  • Lead, or participate in, RBI workshops (reassessment reviews) providing subject matter expertise and aid in ensuring the RBI performed is fit for purpose and aligns with industry best practice.
  • Support RBI program implementation to assist with work scope optimisation.
  • Review, validate and/or audit existing RBI programs.
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