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Crack-like flaws (fatigue and fracture)

Crack-Like Flaws (fatigue and fracture) are the FFS assessment where the knowledge and experience of the analyst will make the most difference to the end result. There are a number of options to consider when dealing with cracking, including leaving in place, grinding-out or repairing. The implications of each choice must be fully understood prior to implementation. IES deliver fast FFS results for each option (crack FAD status, crack propagation or LTA assessment) in order that the correct course of action may be selected. In addition, we offer practical advice regarding the long-term implications of the course of action (inspection monitoring plan).

At IES we have the experience and technology to go beyond even the normal Level 3 FFS assessment. FEA XFEM analysis of the actual stress field, crack geometry and component geometry eliminates the need for the use of approximate standard stress intensity solutions often used in fatigue and fracture mechanics assessments.

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