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Technical Management

You all know a good project manager and you might also know a good technical guru, but how many know someone who can put both attributes together successfully? We offer services to complement your existing project structure. Our past experience includes world-leading green-field and brown-field refinery developments, offshore platform installations and equipment design projects. Whether the project is just starting up, has reached a progress plateau or even a complete standstill – we have the skills to bring successful completion, including:

  • Technical Audits – Bridging the gap between the highly technical skill set and project management allows the determination of fit-for-purpose project scope, specifications and procedures and ensures the appropriate amount of technical effort is expended.
  • Project workflow optimization – ever managed the analysis of over 2000 pressure vessels? We have; and the key is establishing adequate project procedures, defining the critical path, minimizing re-work and getting the best workflow implementation possible.
  • Client Representation – Do you hire large consulting firms with in-house analysis specialists, but lack the time or in-house knowledge to properly monitor the results? We can fill that gap to ensure you are getting both what you are paying for and what you need.
  • Technical Interpretation – Involved in an overseas project with complex international codes and standards or having trouble outlining your case to the local jurisdiction? We are experienced in turning overseas codes into plain language and writing sound technical justifications. Often the key is in knowing the limitations of the code or standard in question are or being able to compare and expand on the available codes or standards, rather than just being able to offer a strict interpretation of the code.
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