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Gys van Zyl

Principal Mechanical Engineer

B.Eng. (Mechanical), M.Eng. (Mechanical)

25+ years in Mechanical Engineering

Gys is a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of experience, including as a Chief Engineer, in the petrochemical industry, primarily in the area of structural integrity of static equipment and piping. 

Gys’s main areas of expertise are design and maintenance of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks and piping, Fitness-For-Service assessment, structural dynamics (vibration), and failure analysis and repair of damaged assets. Gys has extensive experience in numerical simulation, having performed numerous technical studies that involve Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

His experience includes design, fabrication and construction of fixed equipment, management of aging assets, and technical studies on damaged, failed or malfunctioning assets.

Gys is the author/co-author of 20 papers in the fields of numerical simulation, Fitness-for-Service, bolted joints, and failure analysis. He is a member of the ASME PVP Design and Analysis technical committee.

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